New York Yankees 2007 Preview

New York Yankees 2007 Preview

The 2007 lineup for the New York Yankees’ may quite possibly the most powerful hitting squad baseball has seen. With the number of star players on the team, they should win the AL East for their tenth year in a row, and there is no reason they shouldn’t continue that trend through the post season. Here is a look at what you can expect to see from the Yankees in 2007.

First of all, losing Gary Sheffield was bad for the Yankees. In two seasons, Gary was accepted as the Most Valuable Player for the team. Now he plays for the Detroit Tigers, leaving the Yankee’s team wounded. Bobby Abreu has a chance to prevent the loss from affecting the team negatively, but he’s going to have to continue playing like he has since he’s been in New York, or else this year will end like last year for him.

2007 starter Robinson Cano ranked as the best offensive second baseman, and second place overall. At the young age of twenty three, he’s got all of his best years right ahead of him. Cano’s defensive game isn’t very strong, but this year should see some improvement on that.

Alex Rodriguez will be another strong contender for the Yankees this year. He should be able to have another MVP season, as long as he can come to terms with how good he really is. His defense is strong, which is a saving grace with the lack of defense from most of the team—however, a little support for him might be a good idea. Though nothing like 1999 or 2006, Derek Jeter should have another good season. Hopefully he can stay on the same trend of improving on his poor range.

The ’07 outfielders form a very potent offensive outfield, probably the best in the league. We should see Bobby Abreu return his numbers to normal, hitting twenty or twenty five home runs. Productivity should be up from Hideki Matsui as well. Much is resting on this collection of players this year.

For the sake of the Yankees, we really need to see some improvement in Wang’s pitching. We simply need more strike outs from him. With a fastball upwards of ninety four MPH, and a slider in the 80’s, he should be able to strike a lot more people out, so the fans are waiting.

Although a little rusty recently, Jason Giambi is still one of the leagues greatest hitters. Giambi will be designated hitter again this year. This should ensure that he won’t break down towards the end of the season for the Yankees.

The question isn’t whether or not they’ll make the playoffs; some say that’s a guarantee. The question left remaining is whether or not the team will advance in the postseason. Whether on paper or on the field, the New York Yankees are by far the American League’s best team, with the Dodgers being the only possible challenge in all of baseball for them.

1,000 Victories and a Place in the Yankee’s History Book

1,000 Victories and a Place in the Yankee’s History Book

Before 1996 season nobody figured a long term relationship between the Yankees and Joe Torre. Torre got his 1,000th win as Yankees manager, with Hideki Matsui hitting a three-run homer in an 8-5 victory over the Texas Rangers on Sunday that stretched New York’s winning streak to a season-high five games.

Torre has a 1,000-645 record with New York, before him we find Joe McCarthy (1,460), Casey Stengel (1,149) and Miller Huggins (1,067). Torre has the longest uninterrupted term among Yankees managers since Stengel from 1949-60. Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and all Yankee fans should be proud of him for the decisions he is making are the right moves and he is a true leader to he team.

Players credit Torre for his even-tempered disposition and ability to handle different personalities, besides he has done just about everything that needed to be done to get the organization back to where it should be.

Torre’s road to a thousand Yankees victories has been glorious at times, with six pennants and four World Series titles. Well 1,000 victories are a lot of wins, especially when you sign a two-year contract back in ’96 and think about what’s happened since then. The Yankee history book is a special place to be for Joe Torre and very well deserved one.

The Subway Series: A Wild Ride

The Subway Series: A Wild Ride

This weekend’s Subway Series between the Yankees and the Mets was one for the ages. Not only did the winning team triumph by one run in each of the three games, but the series as a whole was about as exciting as it could possibly have been.

Game 1 on Friday night had blowout written all over it when Randy Johnson gave up 6 earned runs in 5 innings pitched. However, the Bronx Bombers battled back against pitcher Jeremi Gonzalez to keep it close. Gonzalez gave up 6 earned runs and 9 hits in only 3 innings pitched. The Yankees kept it close all game, only to have Mariano Rivera lose the game at the bottom of the ninth inning in a dramatic fashion on David Wright’s walk-off single. The game was a nail-biter all the way through and kept fans glued to the game until the final play. At the end of the game, the Mets pulled out a 7-6 victory. 

Game 2 on Saturday afternoon was more Yankee-friendly as Mets’ reliever Billy Wagner blew a four-run lead in the ninth inning to send the game into extra innings. Mike Mussina threw 7 strong innings, giving up 4 runs and 5 hits. Pedro Martinez dominated the Yanks by throwing 7 scoreless innings, striking out 8 batters and giving up only 4 hits. Maybe the Yankees are still Pedro’s daddy, seeing as how the Mets failed to secure the win. 

It was Johnny Damon who beat out a potential game-ending double-play ball to tie the game in the top of the ninth inning, capping off a four-run inning and embarrassing Billy Wagner; Wagner had dominated the Yankees during the previous game. Andy Phillips hit an RBI single in the eleventh inning, scoring Miguel Cairo and giving the Yankees a 5-4 lead. Mariano Rivera struck out the side, including David Wright, Cliff Floyd, and Xavier Nady, in the eleventh to give the Yankees the 5-4 victory and improve his record to 2-3.

Game 2 for the Yankees was a historic win that will not be forgotten anytime soon, but game 3 was an embarrassment that hopefully will not be remembered for very long. Granted the Mets only won by a score of 4-3, but the Yankees went 2 for 17 with runners in scoring position and left 15 men on base. Tom Glavine gave up 2 runs, 7 hits, and struck out 4 in 6 innings to give the Mets a victory and record his 282nd win. Aaron Small had a sub-par outing for the Yankees, giving up 7 hits, 4 earned runs, 2 strikeouts, and walked 1 batter in 4 1/3 innings pitched. The Yankees, for the third straight game, failed to hit a home run. 

The Mets won the series 2-1, improved their record to 26-17, and are now preparing to host division rivals Philadelphia Phillies for a three-game series starting on Tuesday. The Mets have a three-game lead over the Phillies for the best record in the NL East. The Yankees’ record now slips to 24-18 as they head up to Boston for a three-game series against their bitter rivals the Red Sox; the Yankees trail the Sox by 1.5 games for the lead in AL East. 

New York Yankees Tickets – Is This The Team That Gets Number 27?

New York Yankees Tickets – Is This The Team That Gets Number 27?

New York Yankees tickets have always been hard to find, but in recent seasons, the loyal fan base and the owner have become increasingly impatient with the team’s championship “drought” of seven years. Most teams in MLB should be stuck in such a “rut,” but the Yankees are just a little different than most other teams. They’re expected to win it all every year, and this season is no different. Below we’ll take a look at their overall prospects for the 2007 season.

Offseason Changes

The Yankees were amazingly quiet this offseason, even though they’ve traditionally been one of the biggest players on the free agent market. Their “moves” involved rumors more than actual transactions, and these rumors included the possible departure of Joe Torre, but he is returning for another season. The team also added 1B Doug Mientkiewicz with a one-year contract, P Kei Igawa and IF Juan Miranda. These are hardly planet-shattering moves, but each of them could definitely be seen as solid for the overall depth of the team.

Players to Watch

For better or for worse, many New York Yankees tickets are purchased for the right to either cheer or jeer Alex Rodriguez. This super-talented superstar is always the main attraction, and this season will be no different. If he’s right, there’s nobody better, but if he’s off, he’s a lightning rod for criticism. It’s always one extreme or the other for A-rod.

Of course, the team is much deeper than just Rodriguez. In fact, as usual, the Yankees are loaded. That starts with SS Derek Jeter, continues with the likes of Jason Giambi and is completed with difficult outs like Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu and the return of OF Hideki Matsui. When the Yankees are healthy, there’s no better batting order in the majors.

2007 Outlook

As it seems to be every season, the AL East will most likely come down to the Yankees and the Red Sox. This year could see the Blue Jays contend as well, but at most this will be a three-team race for the division title. The Yankees are unbelievably talented, but their pitching staff is far from dominant and this is not a young team.

Therefore, they need to stay healthy and get a decent ERA from their staff so that Mariano Rivera, considered by many to be the greatest closer of all time, can earn his saves and keep the Yankees at the top of the standings. It’s going to come down to the stretch run in September and October, but expect the Yankees to be there as always, and expect New York Yankees tickets to be difficult to find.

Looking back at the New York Yankees

Looking back at the New York Yankees

This popular All-American baseball team was actually known as the Highlanders during its humble beginnings, but apparently the nickname Highlanders couldn’t really catch on fast with the local sportswriters which is why they often used the monicker Yankees or Yanks (the nickname Yankees were actually coined from the fact that the New York Yankees were an All-American team while American locals are actually referred to as Yanks mostly by the British), since people obviously liked this nickname more, they decided to change their name in to the New York Yankees and they didn’t change it ever since. The New York Yankees official logo was actually written in script form using the color red with a complementing red bat serving as the background of the k while it hangs down. The two other letters in the logo are actually just a k and an s which helps form a complete circle and actually give the logo the look of a baseball with matching baseball stitching. As a finishing touch, the logo is topped with Uncle Sam’s hat that conveniently rests on the top of the bat.

The most famous insignia in sports is actually the interlocking NY which actually made its first appearance on the New York Yankees’ (known then as the Highlanders) sleeves and caps way back in the year 1909. As the interlocking NY insignia gained more and more popularity, the New York Yankees decided to incorporate it at the front part of their uniforms while having matching navy blue baseball caps. The immensely popular interlocking NY insignia was actually designed way back in 1877 by a fellow named Louis B. Tiffany who originally designed the popular insignia for a NYPD officer named John McDowell who was highly regarded at that time for his bravery and dedication to his work. Mr. McDowell was actually the first New York police officer who was shot during the time of duty. Bill Devery, who was a former police chief as well as one of the New York Yankees original owners chose the popular insignia for the New York Yankees’ uniforms, he made the insignia a permanent fixture on the baseball players’ uniforms.

The official team colors of the New York Yankees are Navy Blue, Red and White. While the New York Yankees team motto is courage, tradition and heart. While there are actually two New York Yankees songs, the official song being “Here Comes the Yankees” while the unofficial song is “New York, New York”. From 1903 up to the present, the New York Yankees had several managers, 41 all in all, starting with Clark Griffith to Joe Torre (the current New York Yankees manager from the year 1996 up to the present). The New York Yankees has a total of 26 world champions to date while a World Series appearance totalling to 39 all in all. The New York Yankees also boasts of 40 Hall of Fame awardees, including the ever popular Joe DiMaggio (1936-1942, 1946-1951) and Mickey Mantle (1951-1969) – he was even able to acquire three Most Valuable Awards during his career with the New York Yankees, while Joe DiMaggio had three as well and everyone’s favorite, Babe Ruth received just one.

Since the establishment of their baseball team, the Highlanders (better known as the New York Yankees) had their worst season way back in 1908 wherein the New York Yankees, for he very first time in franchise history, actually dropped to last place with a horrible record of 51-103.